Are pet taxi services available?

Yes, we do pick up and drop off your pet. We usually do pickups and drop offs outside of our normal opening hours. You can contact us to arrange a convenient time and quote.

Can I inspect the kennel before boarding my pet?

You are welcome to come and inspect our premises any time during our opening time after 7:00AM to 11:00am and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

How should I prepare my pet before bringing it to the kennels?

Though we do our utmost best to keep our kennels and yards hygienic and clean, it is almost impossible to eradicate fleas, ticks and other parasites from the environment. Therefore we require that your pet be given the following treatments before boarding with us.

Flea and tick treatment?

Your pet should be applied with a product that protects your pet against both ticks and fleas, not more than two days prior to boarding. The product that we recommend is ‘Frontline’ as it provides adequate protection against both fleas and ticks. For long stays we will require that the dog be retreated as needed and we will gladly do this free if your preferred product is provided to us or we can provide the product at small charge. This will ensure that your pet will have the best protection against fleas and ticks during their stay at our kennel.


We expect that your pet has been regularly wormed with an all wormer (effective on Roundworm, Hookworm, Whipworm, Flea Tapeworm and Hydatid Tapeworm) and that they have been treated regularly for heartworm. This will provide your pet maximum protection against these parasites and any ailments they cause.

Is there a minimum age requirement when boarding my dog?

Yes, we require that your dog to be more than 16 weeks of age and have received their last puppy vaccination (due at 12- 14 weeks) more than 21 days prior to boarding. This is so that they have had sufficient time to develop complete immunisation. Also they should have had been wormed every two weeks from 2 weeks to 12 weeks of age.

What if my pet is ill during its stay at the kennel?

If your pet is showing symptoms of illness we will immediately call your pet’s regular vet and also notify you of the illness. In case, hospital admission is required we generally admit your pet to New Era Mobile Vet (which is our preferred vet) unless you advise otherwise.

What is kennel cough and can my dog contract kennel cough at the kennel?

Kennel cough is a canine respiratory disease caused by airborne viral and bacterial agents. As it is caused by airborne agents, it is impossible to keep a dog from being exposed to the disease. A dog is at risk of contracting kennel cough not only at a kennel but at any other place including your own backyard even if they do not come into direct contact with another dog. But due to the high number of dogs that comes through a kennel, your pet’s chances of contracting kennel cough are increased. Dog owners need to understand that the vaccinations available for protection against kennel cough do not eliminate the possibility of your pet contracting it as the vaccinations are developed to reduce the chances of your pet developing severe forms of the disease. Therefore the vaccination does not guarantee that your pet will not contract kennel cough. The first appearance of symptoms, severity of coughing and time taken to recover will differ from dog to dog and some dogs might not even develop the disease after being exposed to it. But generally the coughing will disappear after a few days. If your pet was to contract kennel cough during its stay with us, they will be treated as required by a veterinarian and closely monitored to assess improvement.