Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care

A True Alternative To Using Dog Kennels

Dog Day Care

Dogs are pack animals. They want to be around you and the rest of the pack, which means those eight hours a day that you spend away from home are amongst the longest in your doggie’s life.

Why Choose Doggy Daycare?

Dogs have no concept of time and they don’t understand when you leave that you’ll always come back. Whether you’re catching a quick drink with your mates or you’re out for the whole day at work, it feels the same to them. That’s where dog daycare in Perth can come in handy. Also known as short stay pet sitting, this form of pet daycare allows dogs to have a safe place to play and socialise on a regular basis.

Fun for Puppies

If you’ve just gotten a new bundle of fluff, it’s the perfect time to sign them up for our short stay kennels. New puppies:

  • Need lots of attention and companionship
  • Get bored and anxious easily and may become destructive
  • Need to socialise with other dogs as soon as possible
  • Have as much fun during play dates as human children do

Ensuring that your new puppy gets the attention they need when their small means that they’ll become a lot more well-adjusted and independent. Puppies that don’t socialise enough or don’t get enough attention might develop behavioural issues that are difficult to correct. A properly socialised dog is a happy one. They understands their place in the world and in the pack. They understand how to how to correctly interact with other dogs.

Fun for Adult Dogs

Older dogs can benefit from dog sitting in Perth, as well. Older dogs:

  • Get anxious when they’re alone at home
  • Need distraction
  • Benefit from playing with others
  • Enjoy the mental stimulation of trying new toys and exploring new spaces

Also, if you’re in the sad situation where you’ve lost one of a pair of dogs, the remaining pooch will need a lot of love and care. They’ll miss their partner in crime more than you could possibly imagine. Pet sitting services give them the opportunity to interact with new friends. Overall, if you’re a single dog household, it’s not fair to leave your pooch at home alone all day. In the wild, dogs are part of a pack and do everything together. If you don’t want to get a second dog, dropping your pooch off at dog day care is an excellent alternative. At Perth Pet Club, they won’t have a chance to get lonely and will be too distracted to pine for you.

Social and Play Areas

Let’s say you’re sold on sending your dog to play with some new mates. You might still wonder what the pooches do all day. We have a large property that’s properly fenced in, plus below ground mesh for the diggers, so even the most accomplished escape artist won’t be able to get out. There will be no Aussie version of Prison Break while we’re on the job. Your pooch won’t want to get away! They can:

  • Run around
  • Explore
  • Play with each other
  • Play with all the toys
  • Swim
  • Socialise
  • Relax
  • Release cooped up energy
  • And generally have fun!

We have designated social and play areas to ensure that your pooch has an absolute blast. We also have a team watching the pups to make sure that everyone is safe and sound. Of course, we play with the doggies too. We love pets – that’s why we got into this business. Dogs of any age can benefit from the socialisation and stimulation of doggy day care. Let us share the love and keep an eye out for your pup while you’re at work or school, and you’ll pick up a happy dog at the end of each day.