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Perth's Best Dog Boarding Kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels

You’re about to go off on holiday. You’re brimming with excitement, except for one thing – you’re going to have to leave your precious fur baby at home. Excitement becomes worry. Who will look after your dog?

You could consider dog sitting, naturally. However, if the sitter is out all day, your pampered pooch is going to spend a lot of time on their own.

Perth’s Best Dog Kennels

Instead, pet boarding at Perth Pet Club means your pet has round-the-clock-care and mates to play with as well. Still, a Perth boarding kennel might bring up bad memories with rows of dog kennels, where each doggy is only given a small space to sleep. That’s also not what you want for your best friend.

Fortunately, with modern dog boarding in Perth, that’s not what your best friend is going to get. In the past, it was considered best practice to keep each dog in a separate enclosure. The reason seemed viable enough at the time – keeping the dogs separate can make the process a lot easier for the employees.

Modern thinking, however, is that dog boarding needs to offer more, and at Perth Pet Club, we wholeheartedly agree. You’ll be jetting off and staying in a nice hotel, so why not put your dog in Perth’s favourite dog hotel?

We’ll make sure that your pooch gets the best possible care and that they have fun the entire time. They’ll still pine for you every now and again, but we’ll give them plenty to keep them distracted.

Free Roam and Play Areas

Each dog gets its own enclosure to retire to at night. However, unlike the more traditional institutions, we don’t expect your pup to stay in the kennel all day.

Our well-socialised guests make use of the free roam and play areas throughout the day. We do make sure that all the guests in the free roam areas will interact nicely with the others. We take our responsibility to every guest seriously – your dog will be safe with us.
Your dog will be able to:

  • Have a good run to work off excess energy
  • Make new friends and play with them
  • Find exciting toys within the play area

Our motto is simple – we treat your dog as though they were our own. For our fur babies, only the best is good enough.

24/7 Vet Service

If your dog is away from home, of course, you hope that everything will go well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In the event that your dog injures themself or gets sick, we have a vet service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If your pooch is feeling under the weather, we’ll provide top-notch medical care for them. That’s part of the reason that we ask you for your dog’s medical history before they come in. If your pup needs to take medication every day, just let us know. We’ll make sure that they get their meds on schedule and in the right dosage.

Daily Cleaning

You’d think that a place looking after other people’s pets would be extremely strict when it comes to hygiene. Unfortunately, not all kennels take cleanliness quite as seriously as they should. We don’t believe on skimping here at Perth Pet Club. We make sure that every enclosure, as well as the free roam and play area, is cleaned on a daily basis.

With all these amenities and more, it’s no wonder that Perth Pet Club is every dog’s favourite vacation destination. We’re here to make sure you have a worry-free holiday while knowing that your pet is in good hands.