Dog Home Boarding

A True Alternative To Using Dog Kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels Perth

You’re about to go off on holiday. You’re brimming with excitement, except for one thing – you’re going to have to leave your precious fur baby at home. Excitement becomes worry. Who will look after your dog?
You could consider dog sitting, naturally. However, if the sitter is out all day, your pampered pooch is going to spend a lot of time on their own.

Dog Day Care

Dogs are pack animals. They want to be around you and the rest of the pack, which means those eight hours a day that you spend away from home are amongst the longest in your doggie’s life.

Cat Boarding Kennel Perth

There’s a running joke about the differences between cats and dogs: dogs may have owners, but cats have staff. With this in mind, Perth Pet Club takes the concept of cat boarding to a whole new level.
We understand that a kitty is one of the more demanding pets. They’re not like dogs, hanging on your every word, wanting to please you. Cats were worshipped in ancient times and they remember those days well, so you’re the one who’ll do the sucking up.
Contrary to the image your cat presents, though, they do actually need you. When you’re away, they’ll feel anxious and bored. If you’re heading out on your dream holiday, you need someone to care for your cat.

Pet Taxi Service

We can pick up and drop off your pet if required.  Please contact us to arrange a convenient time and quote.