Perth Pet Club | Perth Boarding Kennel

Perth Pet Club is a boarding kennel located 20 minutes south of Perth central, Western Australia, making it accessible for all canine and feline owners. With spacious kennels for dogs big and small, and a fully enclosed cattery, we can guarantee that your pet will have a great time. We have very loving and dedicated staff, whom spend there days ensuring your pets are happy. We offer competitive pricing, and have discounts available for long term stays.

At Perth Pet club we have three separate areas for the animals. We have a large kennel, a small kennel and the cattery.

The large kennel consists of 30 separate kennels, all with their own individual runs, Each kennel is fitted with two water bowls, one outside and one inside, to always allow your pet full access. Each dog will be located bedding, which they can use at any time of the day. The large kennel has a cooling system, which in the hot days keeps your pet nice and cool and comfortable. In the cooler months, the animals remain warm as they are sheltered from the wind and rain in the kennels. Every night the dogs get locked in, while they are able to go in and out all day long. If you have social dogs, we are able to mix them with other animals and allow for them to have play time. If your animal is not so friendly with other dogs, they still get exercise and play time as they are able to run around on their own, and play all day long. In the large kennel we also have two pond areas. and for only $5 extra per day they are able to go swimming and play in a big enclosed grass area with other dogs. Generally the large kennel is used for larger/medium sized dogs, but of you had two animals, one being big and the other small we would put them into the large kennel where there is more space for them to play around, and we wouldn’t mix them as some big dogs are more or less frightened of little dogs, and for your little dogs safety.

The small kennel is fitted with 15 kennels, 4 larger ones and 11 smaller ones. If your animals are friendly we allow them to mix with other friendly dogs or the same size, but if not we have the availability to put your animal on there own too. Each small kennel has its own grassed area, and doggy doors which allow your pet to go in and out as they please. Each night the dogs are locked inside, secured in the building. The small kennel has an air conditioning unit, which allows your pets to be comfortable and happy. There is also one pond area in the small kennel, shallow enough that the dogs can have a little paddle and play in the water. An additional $5 is added per night if you wish for your dog to be in the pond area. The small kennel is fitted with trampoline beds, so your pets can either choose to share with other dogs or have one to themselves.

Each kennel, large and small, is cleaned daily, 7 days a week. With all dogs getting two meals per day, its the perfect doggy style resort. Each animal is treated like royalty.

The cattery has 14 large separate suits, where your cats can relax all day long. With no cat seeing or hearing dogs, we can guarantee they wont be stirred or aggravated. The cattery is fitted with a heating and cooling system, to allow your fury friends to be comfortable all day and night. Each cat enclosure has its own little tray, cleaned twice per day, and a piece of play equipment, to keep them entertained. Cats are fed biscuits every morning, and wet food each night. Water bowls are filled twice per day, always giving fresh clean water. Our cattery is fitted for kings and queens, and that is our number one priority.

Day care services are available every day. Your pet will be able to run in the large enclosed grass areas, with the pond to cool down in, and indoor space to have a rest after all the playing. Your animals are able to socialise with other friendly dogs of the same size.

We have a taxi service available to owners who are enable to drop their animals off or pick them up from the kennel. We are happy to pick up from any area, prices vary with distance.

We welcome inspections of the kennels 7 days a week, any time from 8am onwards. We are open from 7am-11am, and 3pm-6pm daily. We are open every day of the year apart from public holidays. We look forward to meeting you and looking after your beloved pets.