Top 5 Reasons to Board Your Dog with Perth Pet Club

So you’re going on a holiday and can’t take your dog with you – what do you do? Boarding kennels might seem like a bad option, but at Perth Pet Club it’s more like giving your dog their very own vacation!

Here are our top 5 reasons to board your dog with Perth Pet Club and give your pooch a holiday of their own.

Private Space for Every Dog

We understand that while dogs love to play, they also need a quiet and private place to rest, sleep and eat. That’s why every dog we take care of has their own private kennel for meals and sleep time.

Puppy Mates to Play With

One of the biggest advantages of a dog boarding kennel over a pet sitter is that there are other dogs for your pooch to play with! While every guest at Perth Pet Club has their own private kennel for sleeping and meals, during the day they can run, play and make friends with our other furry guests.

We do make sure that all the guests in the free roam areas will interact nicely with the others. We take our responsibility to every guest seriously – your dog will be safe with us.

Dedicated and Friendly Staff

Our staff love dogs! We make sure we treat every pooch as if they were our own, with plenty of rubs, runs, and games to play each and every day. The staff at Perth Pet Club are dedicated to providing high quality care for your dog and making their stay with us as positive as possible.

Daily Cleaned Kennels and Play Areas

Boarding Kennels, especially busy ones, can get dirty fast. When you have a bunch of happy dogs spending their day running through the grass and playing in the pond, it’s no surprise that their kennels will need to be cleaned every day!

At Perth Pet Club, we believe that the only good kennel is a clean kennel. That’s why we make sure that every enclosure, as well as the free roam and play area, is cleaned on a daily basis.

Convenient Dog Taxi Service

Dropping your dog off at a boarding kennel can be a difficult process – especially when you’re trying to organise every other part of your travel schedule! That’s why we offer a convenient pet taxi service to collect your dog and bring them safely and comfortable to our kennels. We can also drop them back off for your when you return!