Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitting

Peace of mind

Our pets are part of our family and we all want the best for our family, right? When you’re planning a holiday, or will be away for an extended period of time, it can be hard to make the right decision on whether to board your pet, or let someone into your home to look after them there.

With the digital age, there are many websites and services that offer dog-sitting, cat-sitting and combined house-sitting services. It is convenient and means that you don’t need to move your pets out of their home, but there are also a lot of risks associated with letting a stranger into your home to look after your beloved animals.

  1. Cat and Dog Sitters who list on those websites aren’t required to have a current police check, even though most other services – such as locksmiths, real estate agents and tradesman, do actually require this.
  2. These websites also do not require the pet sitters listed to have proper (if any) animal care or sitting experience either. Would you ask your friend to pull out your tooth?
  3. When you leave, you are reliant on the individual sitter to keep you updated on your pet, keep your house in a good condition and these websites won’t follow up for you. Who wants to go on holiday, if you have to call every day to follow up on your pet?

At Perth Pet Club where we’ve been looking after your pets since XXX, all of our staff have extensive experience in the care of animals.

  1. We’ll make sure your pet gets the right amount of physical activity, every day.
  2. Your pets will be fed the food that is right for them, and we will make sure their dietary needs are met with every meal.
  3. We have access to 24/7 Emergency Vet Care, so you don’t have to worry about making sure your pet gets the right attention if they get sick.
  4. When you’re on holiday, you can keep up with everything going on at Perth Pet Club, by visiting our instagram XXXX, so you know that your pet won’t be too sad without you.
  5. Perth pet club also offers a grooming service for your pampered pooch, and in fact, if your dog is staying with us for a week or more, they’ll get a hydrotherapy bath each week.

When it comes to the care of your pet when you’re away, you want to be confident that your pet will be looked after like you would, if you were home. At Perth Pet Club, we treat all of our four-legged clients like family.