How to keep your dog active and happy while you’re at work

All dogs need exercise, no matter the breed. Exercise for dogs is just as important as regular exercise for people. Dogs are pack animals and so they also need regular stimulation and socialisation with other dogs and people.

Doggy Day Care

Enrolling your furry mate into doggy day care is a great way to ensure your dog gets the exercise and stimulation it needs when you have to be at work.

Great for puppies

If you’re living south of the river in Rockingham  Kwinana, or Fremantle, commuting to the city for work can mean that you don’t have time to take your pup for a walk in the morning.

Puppies get bored easily, have regular bursts of energy to burn and just like kids, can get into mischief quite easily. It can be really stressful leaving them at home on their own, not knowing what they’re up to whilst you’re at work.

Dropping your puppy off to dog day care will keep them out of trouble and harms way, whilst you’re at work.

Outdoor Grassed Areas

If you’re living in an apartment in Claremont, Nedlands, South Perth or Como, your dog won’t have the chance to run around during the day, and this will mean that they’re more likely to get bored and into mischief whilst you’re at work, or over-excited when you get home.

Doggy daycare is a great way to ensure that your pooch is active and healthy and happy when you can’t be at home with them.

Our facilities boast large outdoor grassy areas for your dog to run around and use up all of their energy.

When dogs are running around and playing, they can overheat quite quickly, so we have a fun swimming pond in our outdoor area, for your dog to cool down in.



It’s important for puppies and dogs to be socialised regularly, both with other dogs and other people.

This will help them be confident and happy when met with new circumstances, a change in routine and will mean that when you’re spending time out and about with your dog, they’ll be better behaved.

Doggy day care is a great way for your dog to socialise with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment. They’ll be stimulated during the day, won’t get bored and into mischief and will be quieter and more well behaved at home as they’ve used a lot of their energy.