Why Doggy Day Care is beneficial for your dog

Doggy Day Care is an excellent and convenient service for when you have to make short, non-dog-friendly trips or head out of town for the day. Especially for working pet-parents, choosing the right type of day care for your dog is essential.

Perth Pet Club offer a wonderful Doggy Day Care service that provides your dog with a day full of friendly play and plenty of care and affection. We have many happy customers every day, so is it right for your pet?

Social Stimulation

Doggy Day Care offers your pet a great opportunity to socialise with other, similar tempered and similar sized dogs. This is great for your dogs mood, health, and social attitude.

At Perth Pet Club Doggy Day Care, we offer separate day care areas for large dog and small dogs, which allows your dog to socialise and play with other similar sized friendly dogs throughout the day. If you have two different sized dogs we will usually house them together for the day.

However, before you drop your dog off for the day, you need to make sure that your pet is ready. Asking yourself the following questions can help you find out if your dog is ready to socialise:

  • Are they comfortable with other dogs and in groups? What’s their activity level?
  • Do they tire easily, or get riled up with too many stimuli?
  • Do they have special needs that require one-on-one attention?

Physical activity

Some dogs like to party and are up for the traditional doggy daycare experience – running around with other dogs in open, grassy fields and splashing through our pond areas.

However, some dogs much prefer the chance to relax on the patio all day. Both are fine for Doggy Day Care, but the more comfortable your dog is with physical activity, the better the daycare experience is likely to be for them.

All-day supervision

One of the biggest benefits of Doggy Day Care is our trained and experienced staff, who provide supervision all day for your dog. While socialising with other dogs is an important part of the day, we make sure to get involved with walks, games of fetch, and plenty of affection for your furry friend.