Dog Boarding Kennels Fremantle 6160

The Best Boarding for Fremantle Dogs

When you’re booking your holiday and leaving your dog behind, it can be stressful and time-consuming to find the best place to board your dog in Fremantle, WA.

You want to make sure that your dog is looked after like they would be if you were at home.

You could arrange to leave your dog with friends or find a pet sitter to stay in your home, but are they going to be there all the time to make sure your dog is looked after?

Fremantle’s Best Boarding Kennels

We’re located south of the river, in Banjup, and our boarding kennels boast wide open play areas for your pooch, just a short drive from Fremantle, WA. Boarding your dog at the best local boarding kennel, means that your dog will be looked after and supervised 24/7.

Our modern dog boarding facility will keep your dog safe and secure, whilst making sure they aren’t on their own all the time. They’ll be stimulated with activities and nurtured with love during their stay at our dog boarding kennel.

Free Roam and Play Areas for Your Dog

Your dog will get their own safe space to sleep in at night. Unlike other standard facilities, when your dog stays with us, they won’t have to stay alone in their dog kennel all day.

Your dog will have the freedom to roam and run through our open exercise and play areas during the the day. We will supervise your dog during their stay to make sure they’re comfortable and feel safe, when socialising with our other guests, when they’re not in their own kennel.

When staying at our dog boarding facility your pet will be able to:

  • Have a good run to work off excess energy
  • Make new friends and play with them
  • Find exciting toys within the play area

We know that our furry residents of Fremantle, WA love visiting the local dog beaches for a swim and play. That’s why we have swimming ponds in our open play areas, so your beach-loving pooch feels right at home.

Daily Dog Kennel Cleaning

We take the care of the dogs staying with us and our dog boarding facility is kept clean and comfortable for your dog, throughout their stay.

Your dog’s boarding kennel will be cleaned daily, so they feel safe and happy. Just like if you were here.

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